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Shenkar College of Engineering and Design

Shenkar is an institute of higher education and, like all the public universities in Israel, is supervised and financed by the Israeli Council for Higher Education. Shenkar offers degree courses in all the subjects studied. It has achieved an international reputation and is recognized as one of the best institutions of its kind in the world.




Indan LTD

Indan Planning Systems ltd is specializes in solutions and advanced technological applications for the construction industry. The company's executives believe in sustainability and that investing in the development, a thorough study and expertise in green building will bring the industry to a perception change in the coming years and will enable a more sustainable world for future generations.





Ashtrom Group is Israel’s leading private construction concern. The Group is involved in a wide range of construction ventures in all areas of real estate in Israel and abroad, and has a long tradition of development and innovation, reliability professionalism based on high uncompromising standards, broad and stable financial foundation and nurturing excellence among employees.





Melisron, a member of the Ofer Brothers Group, is a real estate company that owns and operates the Kiryon complex in Kiryat Bialik, a suburb of Haifa. Melisron also owns and manages other high profile properties in Israel and has interests in Hungary as well.




Hutzot Hamifratz

Hutzot Hamifratz is the biggest open shopping center in Israel. It lays on about 160,000 Sqm, and holds 50,000 Sqm operating buildings. It is located in a central junction in between Haifa and The Krayot, and has more than 90 businesses and shops. It is owned by  Melisron and Ashtrom Group.