The Sponsors // Consultants


Livni Engineers LTD

Uncompromising professionalism, reliability, service and economic engineering solutions, the Corporation for Engineers Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Israel, in the field of civil engineering. Now specializes in the design of steel and concrete.

Chief Engineer: Shaya Galinsky



ILGBC // Israel Green Building Council

he ILGBC is a non-profit organization and has a broad support base in industry, government and academia, as well as leading professional, social and environmental organizations. Within a short time, the council has managed to develop into a robust and influential organization.



Nash Engineers LTD

Nash Engineers is specializing in Plumbing and piping engineering, specializing in large scale private or public construction projects.


Tiktin Electrical Design LTD

Tiktin Electrical Design is planning electricity and communication facilities, in residential buildings, offices, public buildings, computer rooms and outdoor Infrastructures for electricity, lighting and communication.


Ofer kaufman

While Building a house, a world of details and option reveals. It turns out that glasses hide a world of possibilities, and therefore a specialist is needed.


Michael Engler // Projects & Engineering

Michael Engler is a system engineer and energy consultant, Specializing in specializes in energy surveys and analyses, systems coordination, 3D modeling (BIM, MEP), and BIM based energy analyses.



Arch. Michael Levy // LOW ENERGY STUDIO

Architect & Environmental Consultant (Msc EDE) Hotel & Resorts / Residentials Certified Associate on Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012 Certified on Autodesk Maya



Dr. Rebeka Vital // Ever Vital Design

Ever Vital gives full-service architectural lighting design. The firm combines latest technologies with creative design and works closely with the client and the design team to create unique, beautiful and inspirational places, with special attention to sustainable values.


Architect Lilach Raz // Energy Simulation

Lilach Raz is an architect specializing in sustainable architecture, energy saving and energy efficiency, specializing in energy simulation tools such as eQuest.


Prof. Evyatar Harel

Prof. Evyatar Harel specializes in various aspects of the thermal performance of buildings, such as passive cooling and natural lighting, and micro – urban climate, including the impact of buildings on the decline of suspended dust and temperature on city streets.


Dr. Yoav Rockman

Acting Head of Chemical department in Shenkar, Rockman also engaged in consulting industry on issues of process engineering, simulation engineering, water and environment, and is also a consultant with the chief scientist at the Ministry of Trade and Industry which contributed greatly to the progress of companies in Israel in the environment, water, energy and processes.


Berger Thermal Research // Innovation is our first law

Chief Engineer: Avi Berger

Berger Thermal Research offers a vast experience in establishing knowledge infrastructure for large organizations and identifying and solving thermodynamic, heat transfer and fluid dynamic problems, using the most innovative technologies for simulations, design and applications.


Ronen Gisser

Ronen Gisser is a Construction consultant


Rima & Rafi Chen Graziani

Health and Safety consultants


Henry Harel

Process Consultant


Tamar Lubelski

Accessibility consultant


Totem Render

Simulation consultant


Optimal E Energy Systems LTD

Installation systems consultant


David Shiro

Electrical Panel Design Consultant


Mabat 3D Technologies LTD

Mabat 3D Technologies LTD specializes in mapping and geometric documentation (as-made) of physical objects, structures and environments of all kinds using 3D Laser Scanning techniques (High Definition Survey).



Lior Avitan

Architecture & Interior Design Photography


Itamar halawa

Culinary Consultant


Aran Brender // Good Food

Culinary Consultant