The House // Under-Construction

Buildability // The house structure allows for a building period of only 2-3 weeks, reducing site supervision and construction time, with related economic savings. Prefabricated elements with computerized manufacturing were chosen for the house, enabling a clean construction site and minimizing the quantities of waste and pollution.

Materials // The house's materials were chosen with ecological and economic factors in mind, as well for easy and low maintenance. Indoor and outdoor materials have been treated to increase their resilience. Special attention was given to lifecycle thinking and the environmental benefits of each material or product, whether it can be recycled or is made out of recycled components, and longevity.

The house’s materials and equipment are commercially available and transportable.

Download this file to learn more about the house's Architecture // PDF – Achitecture & Construction (2 MB)

Download this file to learn more about the house's Materials // PDF – Materials (1 MB)

Download this file to learn more about our Market Appeal Strategy // PDF – Market Appeal (1.7 MB)

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