The House // Concept

The Design is inspired by local Mediterranean traditional "4 Room Israelite House" which made use of outdoor areas, such as the roof and the patio, for climate control and social interaction. This concept is found in archeological remains in our country from 3500 years ago, and is known as the ancient local building archetype. We've created a modern interpretation, which leans on traditional passive solar traditions, and complements them with state of the art Israeli clean tech technologies. The design takes advantage of the "living patio" space as an outdoor living space, and as a place to go outside during the evening, a place to meet, host, eat and play, as well as a place for independent agriculture that provides basic foodstuffs as well as time out from busy city life. Through the living patio a connection is made between the interior and exterior of the house. The patio serves as a transitional space from the public domain to a gradually more private and intimate space.

Marketability  // Our point of departure for this project is to design a home that not only meets the requirements of the competition but begins to tackle some of the issues currently associated with housing in Israel. Our aim is to design a house that maintains the essence of an Israeli home while dramatically improving both health conditions and energy efficiency.

We've planned a net-zero, comfortable, safe, functional and relaxing house for a middle-aged to elderly couple or a young family given the expansion option available. As presented, the house is proposed for those who have retired, after the children have moved away and they are no longer working a full-time busy job. These couples no longer need a big house to maintain, clean and spend money on. This version of the house offers a smaller space with ample room to relax and to host family and friends. This simple and compact design provides an attractive solution for independent and cost effective living.

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