The House // Architecture

Livability // Our aim was to design and build a house that maintains the essence of an Israeli home while dramatically improving both health conditions and energy efficiency.The point of departure for this project was to design a home that not only meets the requirements of the competition but begins to tackle some of the issues currently associated with housing in Israel.

The central patio is the focal point of the house offering a large additional un-conditioned living space which can be fully utilized in temperate climates, and seasons of the year. While this space is completely private, it allows for social interaction and entertainment, and does so without energy or maintenance costs.

The effect of the angled roof and the slanted northern wall within the house give a feeling of spatial interior even though the footprint of the floor is minimal. The unique section shape can help with passive ventilation in Mediterranean like climate zones.

The interior design of the house is divided into 3 main areas: Main Living Area // The Bathroom // The Bedroom. While all areas of the house can be easily accessed with a circular route, the private bedroom and bathroom space can be kept separate from the living room and patio, with a high acoustic insulation on the inside.

Download this file to learn more about the house's architecture // PDF – Achitecture & Construction (2 MB)

Download this file to learn more about the house's interior design // PDF – interior Design & Lighting (1.6 MB)

Download this file to learn more about the house's building materials // PDF – Materials (1 MB)

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