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web_icon 12.08.2013 // Shenkar – General news. International impressive feat to green Israel: Hsnkristim won the 4th place in the Olympics ecological construction! Click
web_icon08.07.2013 // hayadan. Chinese Ambassador met with Minister Perry, Ambassador of Israel in China delegation, visited the solar house team Israel have built. Click
web_icon06.07.2013 // Tashtiot – Portal of Industry, Energy and Infrastructure. Team Israel is reaping success in China. Click
web_icon  .07.2013 // I feel. Net Zero house,   by Meir Shy, Schnider electric. Click
web_icon  .07.2013 // New-Tech Magazine. The house that produces it's own energy, by Meir Shy, Schnider electric. Click

web_icon 2013.07.24 // Inhabitat, Design will save the world. Team Israel's Ultra-Efficient Solar Decathlon China Prefab is Based on  Ancient Building Traditions, by Brigette Meinhold. Click

web_icon21.07.2013 // Arch news blog – SDC 2013, The Israeli project. Click
web_icon 2013.07.16 // nature network. Solar Decathlon China: Meet the teams. Click

 press_icon2013.07.14 // ILGBC, monthly newsletter. Taking off, Team Israel at Ben Gurion Airport. Click

web_icon 2013.06     // freshome Design & Architecture, Team Israel’s Net Zero Energy Building at Solar Decathlon China 2013. Click

web_icon 2013.06.10 // Eshcol of imformation, marketing magazin construction industry. Covrage of the first Israeli project  comptiong  in the Solar Decathlon competition. published by: Nir Dubrovsky, Market Appeal manager. Click

web_icon 2013.05.30 // archdaily, Architecture News. First Israeli Team to Compete in The Solar Decathlon, by Barbara Porada. Click

press_icon 2013.05.   // KNE'KASH. The Israeli house in the Solar Decathlon competition.Click

press_icon 2013.05.   // ILGBC. A case study of a zero net house, team Israel at the Solar Decathlon competition. By: Liron Dan, Materials manager. Click

press_icon 2013.05.     // Construction Engineering and Infrastructure, Journal of Professional Engineers Association for  Construction  and Infrastructure Israel Corp. About the first house that will represent Israel at the green buildings Olympic. By: Maya Assif -Ashkenazi, Communications manager. Click

press_icon 2013.04.   // Bait & Noi, Kal Vahomer, Innovation in materials and technologies. Presenting a selection of materials and technolegies from the project. by: Liron Dan, Materials manager. 

web_icon 2013.04.29 // BVD, Architecture & Design magazine. The green building Olympic is getting closer, let’s have a look at team Israel’s plan for it. Click

web_icon 2013.04.29 // Green Planning LTD. Team Israel passed to the second phase in the Solar Decathlon competition 2013. Click

presentation 2013.04.23-24 // Orgon window fashion conference. Presenting the project are: Team Leader Hadas Pe’er, Nir Dubrovsky, Market Appeal manager, Nadav Gofer team member. Click

web_icon2013.04.21 // Nisha magazine. A look at the green house. Click

web_icon 2013.04.19 // Hacarmelit. Our house is big and green, our house is traveling away. Click

web_icon 2013.04.14 // Walla tourism. Celebrating Israel Independence Day. Visit the green building in Hutzot Hamifrats. Click

web_icon 2013.04.09 // Ha’aretz, Daily News. Ecological spaceship in Hutzot Hamifratz, will compete this summer for the Solar Decathlon prestige price, in China. Click

web_icon 2013.04.08 // Globes, Israel’s Business Arena. Liora Ofer Chairperson of Melisron & Moshe Rozenblum CEO Melisron were  present at the opening event of the green house in Hutzot Hamifratz. Click

web_icon 2013.04.08 // Chiportal. The green house in Hutzot Hamifratz will be open to visitors during April. Click

web_icon 2013.04.07 // local Community Haifa. Come visit the green house in Hutzot Hamifratz. Click

press_icon 2013.04.05 // Jerusalem Post, Daily new. Israel student to build house for China Solar Decathlon. Prototype displayed at Haifa strip mall.

presentation 2013.04.04 // Channel HOT3 news. TV spot about the opening event in hutzot Hamifratz. Click

presentation 2013.04.04 // Channel 9 news. TV spot about the opening event in hutzot Hamifratz. Click

web_icon 2013.04.04 // Rinunim magazine. About the press conference that was held during this date. Click

web_icon 2013.04.04 // Ynet, Green Economy. Amir Peretz, the minister of environmental protection, launched the house that produces more  energy than it consumes Hutzot Hamifratz. Watch an interview with Ynet studio. Click

presentation 2013.04.04 // Press Conference with the presence of Amir Peretz, the minister of environmental protection, Liora Ofer  Chairperson of Melisron, Moshe Rozenblum CEO Melisron, representative from the ministry of environmental protection  and the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, and Haifa municipality. During this opening event, presented the project were the academic advisors, team leader and team managers. Click

presentation 2013.04.03 // Channel 10 news. The house in Hutzot Hamifratz is a showcase of outstanding cleantech technologies. Aviv Frankel interview with Maya Assif-Ashkenazi, Communications manager  Click 

web_icon 2013.03.21 // ZePo Magazine. The green house in Hutzot Hamifratz will be open to visitors during April. Click

presentation 2013.03.03 // Ecoweek Middle East 2013. Opening event of the Ecoweek Middle East 2013 workshop. Presenting the project are:  Communications manager Maya Assif-Ashkenazi, PR manager Yasmeen Lala. Click1. Click2.

web_icon 2012.02.04 // Nadlan Hayom. A house without electricity bill as a visitor center in Hutzot Hamifratz.Click

presentation 2013.02.12 // ZeZeZe Architecture Gallery TLV. Presenting the project are: Arch. Chen Shalita, Team Leader Hadas Pe’er,  Communications manager Maya Assif-Ashkenazi, Construction Builder Erwin Schelinger, Engineer Avner Vishkin. Click

web_icon 2013.02.10 // Megaphon – An Independent Israeli news. Israeli students participate in the green buildings Olympics. Click

web_icon 2013.02.10 // ht home magazine. Israeli team will participate in the international green buildings competition – Solar Decathlon Click

press_icon 2013.02.09 // ILGBC, monthly newsletter. Building method, team Israel at the Solar Decathlon competition. Published by: Maya Assif – Ashkenazi, Communications manager, Eran Flax.

web_icon 2013.02.07 // Xnet, Daily news, Environment. A House without electricity account. This summer 20 teams from around the world  (including Iran) will build a zero energy house, and compete in Solar Decathlon China. Click

presentation 2013.01.29-30 // The 15th Cleantech exhibition of environment and clean technologies. Presenting the house 3D model. Click

press_icon 2013.01.09 // ILGBC, monthly newsletter. Solar Applications, BIPV. Published by: Maya Assif – Ashkenazi, Communications manager.

web_icon 2012.12.25 // New-Tech Magazine, The Israel Hi-Tech Portal. Solar Decathlon: Israeli team has designed a green building that produces more energy than it consumes.

press_icon 2012.12.02 // ILGBC, monthly newsletter. Heating and Cooling System. Team Israel in the Solar Decathlon competition. Published  by: Maya Assif – Ashkenazi, Communications manager, Engineer Avner Vishkinץ Click

presentation 2012.11.29 // A’olam Haboker, TV morning show. Presenting the house’s “Virtual Tour” on Chanel 2 morning show. Click

presentation 2012.11.28 // Bait & Noi Annual green conference. Presenting the house 3D model. Click

presentation 2012.11.27-29 //Eilat – Eilot Renewable energy conference. The 5th International Conference & Exhibition. Presenting the project: Arch. Chen Shalita. Click

press_icon 2012.11.14 // ILGBC, monthly newsletter. Impressions from the European competition held on September 2012,  in Madrid. Published by: Maya Assif – Ashkenazi, Communications manager. Click

presentation 2012.11.06 // Porter, The School of Environmental Studies. Presenting the project at the academy is: Nir Dubrovsky, Market Appeal manager. Click

web_icon 2012.10.17 // Ma’ariv, Daily News. The Green House from Israel that will try to conquer the world. An article by Yuilia Lipkin, Interior design manager.  Click

presentation 2012.09.05 // ILGBC, Leading for a change in the urban structure conference. Presenting the project are: Dr.Arch Joseph Cory, Arch. Chen Shalita, Energy Manager Alon Kaplan. Click

press_icon 2012.09.04 // Yediot Haharonot, daily news. The green house that produces it's own energy.

press_icon 2012.07.30 // Israel Hayom, Daily News. Team of students and researchers will compete in the Solar Decathlon competition, in August 2013. Click

web_icon 2012.06.13 // Ha’aretz, Daily News. Revealing the Israeli house, that will participate in the solar competition. Click

web_icon 2012.05.30 // CNN iReport. On May 26, 2012, the 22 teams competing for the Solar Decathlon China 2013 made a group appearance to the public in the City of Datong, Shanxi Province, marking the successful close to the team selection process and the official start of the promotion phase. Click

web_icon 2012.05.26 // Multivu. An overview of the SD China 2013 Workshop. 22 Solar Decathlon Teams Bring Global New Energy Innovation to Datong, China. Click

presentation 2011.12.29 // Shenkar. Dr. Arch. Joseph Cory Presenting the Solar Decathlon competition that will be held in China, in collaboration with Shenkar institute. Click

web_icon 2011.12.22 // Ha’artz Daily new. The Israeli students will build a solar house in China. Click

presentation 2011.08    // Early interview with a team member student. Click
presentation  2011.08    // Early interview with Dr. Arch Joseph Cory. Click

web_icon 2011.07.07 // Ha’aretz, Daily News. Israel makes its first bid to enter the Solar Decathlon Prestigious international contest involves building a model home that operates on solar energy. Click

presentation 2011.07.03 // Solar Decathlon Summer Course. In the summer of 2011, a summer course was held to gather what is now known as Team Israel. By the end of this course, the RFP was approved, and the planning & designing phase took place. Click